I've Done It!

Alright ladies I have finally done it....I have created my very own blog. So, be patient with me as I learn the ins and outs of posting messages and pictures of created projects. The reason for my sudden inspiration is that I have joined the 2010 LAYOUT CHALLENGE. This blog will be used as a tool to hold myself accountable for meeting my set goal. And that goal is....wait for it.....

2010 Goal = 120 layouts

Thats right! My goal is to complete 120, one page OR 60, two page scrapbook layouts during the course of the 2010 calendar year. If you would like to join me in this challenge, please provide me with your blog information so that I can link it to my page with all of the other challenge members. Wish me luck and I look forward to posting layouts as they are completed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christmas Album - Page 20

Christmas Album - Page 18 & 19

Christmas Album - Page 16 & 17

Christmas Album - Page 14 & 15

Christmas Album - Page 12 & 13

Christmas Album - Page 10 & 11

Christmas Album - Page 8 & 9

Christmas Album - Page 6 & 7

Christmas Album - Page 4 & 5

Christmas Album - Page 2 & 3

Christmas Album - Page 1

Catching Up

Well ladies.  The kiddies and I are well settled into our temporary accomodations, so it is now time that I start working towards my 2010 layout goal, which I committed to doing, not so long ago.  The perfect opportunity arose a few weeks ago when I was approached by a friend of a friend, who does not scrapbook, and was interested in having an album created to preserve the memories of a Christmas function she hosted at the end of last year.  The challenge: this individual absolutely loves purple and wanted to have her favourite colour incorporated into the theme of the album.  So, using CTMH's Jingle paper line and a whole lot of Amethyst card stock, this 20 page, Christmas album was born.  This is my first attempt at uploading pictures onto my blog, so please let me know if I unsurprisingly, happen to mess it up.  LOL  Enjoy.  20 pages down.....only a wee bit more to go :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well I am very excited to say that we have had a few more individuals join our 2010 Layout Challenge.  I am so looking forward to being able to start working on my own layouts.  But for this week I am busy preparing for my daughters second birthday party.  The party is going to be Tinkerbell themed and I will be baking a pink and purple daisy shaped cake, complete with Tinkerbell in the centre.  That along with a few Tinkerbell decorations should make my daughter very happy.  Although, the item that will put it over the top for her, making me the best Mommy ever for at least a day or two, is a life size (her size) helium filled Tinkerbell balloon that plays music.  She is just going to love it!  Then after the party it is back to preparing for the move.  Only ten days left and my packing procrastination is starting to show.  Going to be a very, very busy ten days, but it will be all worth it once the move is complete and I can finally get my scrapbooking supplies unpacked and work on my challenge layouts.  So, check back towards the end of the month as I should hopefully be posting layouts be then.  *fingers crossed*